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Our next college experience is May 28 – June 03, 2023

Topic: How Did We Get The Bible?



This program will explore the origins of our Bible, considering the historical reliability of its narrative and the trustworthiness of our modern editions and translation.  As students trace the transmission and narrative of the Bible from the Middle Bronze Age through the current century, they will grow in their love and respect for scripture as God’s transformative Word.

Seven Lectures

      1. Israel out of the Bronze Age
      2. Jerusalem and Samaria in the Iron Age
      3. How We Got the Books of the Hebrew Scriptures
      4. How We Got the Books of the Greek New Testament
      5. Aramaic, Greek and Latin Christianity
      6. Reformation and Bible Translation
      7. Is the New Testament Text Reliable?

Tours in Washington, DC

      1. Museum of the Bible (three days)
      2. Monuments Tour (Jefferson, MLK and the National Mall)
      3. Sackler Ottoman and Persian Rooms
      4. African American History Museum

Guided Readings

      1. Enki and Ninhursag, Enuma Elish, Hammurabi’s Code
      2. Mesha Inscription, Ketef Hinnom scrolls, Edict of Cyrus
      3. Kruger, The Question of Canon (IVP, 2013), readings.

We hope you will join us in May to explore the origins of the biblical texts, the historical reliability of the biblical story, and the spread of the Christian faith.



Cost: $900+ flights

$900 covers housing, food, tours and lectures from Sunday evening through Saturday morning.  Students are responsible for travel and food costs to the Dellenback conference center.

Arrival and departure

Students should arrive on Sunday, May 28th at Ronald Reagan International Airport (DCA).  The program begins at 8am Monday morning.  Participants vacate housing on the morning of Saturday, June 3rd.

Course credit

IACE colleges may give students credit for attending, perhaps requiring an essay assignment.

Reasonable accommodation

Inspire is pleased to accommodate disabilities and special needs.  Students should expect to walk multiple miles per day and engage in audio-visual experiences relevant to lectures and museum exhibitions.

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Deadline to Sign up: March 1, 2023

Please apply by filling out the below form.  Required is the contact email address of a faculty member from your school who can answer a brief reference survey.  Responses will be given no earlier than March 18th.

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