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Our next college experience is May 26-29, 2022

Join us May 26-29, 2022 as we seek to answer the question: How Did We Get The Bible?


Over two and a half days, students will explore key themes in the history of the Jewish and Christian traditions in the context of the most extensive collection of relevant artifacts in North America. As the students encounter artifacts and facsimiles, they will consider how archaeology, textual criticism and ethnography inform the origins and history of the Christian faith. 

In addition to lectures and course work, students will receive guided tours through Museum of the Bible and Washington D.C. Food, Lodging, and the Inspire experience are included in the student’s cost for the course. In addition to the Inspire Experience cost, students will need to arrange their own travel to and from Washington D.C. Inspire’s generous donors have pledged to sponsor half of each student’s D.C. experience!

We hope you will join us in May to explore the origins of the biblical texts, the historical reliability of the biblical story and the spread of the Christian faith.

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