About Inspire

The Problem

Most people believe their lives would be better if they read the Bible. But when they try, they often walk away with more questions than answers. Pastors, parents, and professors can struggle with shaping the hearts and minds of their pupils who are disinterested in Scripture.

The Plan

We exist to inspire confidence in God’s Word through Christ-centered experiences and resources. Our digital resources and immersive experiences are designed to make Bible reading simple, enjoyable and transformational for people of all ages. We come alongside disciple makers and provide tools they can pass on to help their people be inspired by the inspired Word of God.

Inspire creates both digital resources you can benefit from at home and unforgettable discipleship experiences in Washington, D.C. at Museum of the Bible.

Our Leadership


Michael McAfee is the President and Co-Founder of Inspire Experiences. A background in church ministry, a passion for God’s Word and a commitment to discipleship drove Michael to found Inspire to help disciple makers teach the Word of God. Michael’s most impressive life accomplishment is escaping the “friend zone” with his wife, Lauren, when they were in high school. Michael and Lauren adopted their daughter, Zion, in 2019. Michael co-authored a book on Next Gen Bible engagement titled Not What You Think: Why The Bible Might Be Nothing We Expected, Yet Everything We Need. Michael earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently a PhD student under Dr. Russell Moore.

The McAfees live in Oklahoma City where Lauren works at Hobby Lobby corporate. Michael also serves part-time as the Teaching Pastor at his home church, Council Road Baptist in Oklahoma City, where he met Lauren 25 years ago. You can find Michael on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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