You Need the Voice of a Shepherd in Your Life Isaac Adams


Isaac's church and ministry:

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Isaac Adams' Bio:

Born and raised just a few miles from CHBC, Isaac Adams has lived in Northeast Washington D.C. most of his life, and has benefited greatly from CHBC members whom he met at an early age. Isaac attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied Journalism and Religious Studies. In college, Isaac came to know the Lord through the ministry of friends and his local church. In 2012, after his time at UNC, Isaac served with the IMB in Brazil, and then returned to CHBC in 2013 to participate in the pastoral internship program. After that, he served the efforts of Together for the Gospel, CROSS Conference, and The Front Porch and gained his Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary. He is the happy husband of Megan, father of Avett, and enjoys writing poetry and watching Tar Heel Basketball.


Danielle Smith is the Digital Media Growth Strategist for Inspire and assists with social media management for The Voice of the Martyrs USA. She started her career and was shaped by the five years she worked at Museum of the Bible. Danielle is married to the man of her dreams, Caleb, and is a foster mom to two rambunctious little girls. Their family attends and serves at their local church with gratefulness for faithful teachers of God’s Word. You can connect with Danielle on Twitter and Instagram.

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